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Monday, June 6, 2011

Today 4?

Hey I posted something! Are you guys happy? The, hey Cole, are you going to update your blog soon? was getting old. So I post de little block of writing that you guys will so hungrily read because the last time I posted something was on Christmas Eve. So now I'm gonna do a story that I hope will remember to do everyday. I won't, just so you know.

Mr. McDetels was an average man. He had a 30-year-old-son that always came over to his house to secretly take pieces of his Duck Feather collection. He had a disease called Marfan Syndrome, a disease in the connective tissue that really just makes you look funny. The last time he saw a honeybee was 15 years ago, when the mass honeybee extinction occurred. Well, mabye not what you would call average. But Mr. McDetels was on a mission to recreate the honeybee species by mixing the genes of African Killer Bees and Aardvark DNA. The result would be a very deadly bee that ate termites. Mr. McDetels could hardly wait for all the Emails he was going to get from appreciating people. But as Mr. McDetels went down to his basement, he saw something that shouldn't have been there.

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